Pickle carrot achars spicy 0.5kg
  • Pickle carrot achars spicy 0.5kg

Pickle carrot achars spicy 0.5kg

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Carrot pickles or Achars, a kind of mild sauce, to associate with Indian starters and dishes. Salted carrot-based condiment, medium spicy.
Sold in pot of 500g



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Data sheet

Carrot pieces, sunflower oil, salt, red chilli, green chilli, mustard seeds, acetic acid, asafoetida (wheat), fenugreek, coriander, cumin
Store in a cool dry place
in France
100% vegetarian. May contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, mustard, milk, wheat and soya

In Indian cuisine, pickles are used extensively. They are called Achaar in India. Achaars are made from various vegetables and / or fruits and the most popular ones is with mango, chilli, lemon, carrot. We add in the preparation of pickles, some spices, like fenugreek, black cumin, mustard, salt. We also add a little oil or vinegar and let it to marinate in the sun for several weeks. Once ready, they are covered with oil for better preservation. They are then stored in a closet.


How to use Pickles

They are one of three sauces served with starters in Indian restaurants (pickles hot sauce, mint or cilantro green sauce, red sauce with tamarind).
They can be eaten with Indian starters (samosa, pakora, bhaji) like in Indian restaurant as well as with dishes.


Why use Pickles

As the preparation of pickles is a bit long, with a ready made spice mix, no need to wait to taste them with good Indian recipes. Lime pickles are medium hot achaar.

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