Indian handcrafted printed table cover white and blue

Indian handcrafted printed table cover white and blue

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Indian printed cotton tablecloth. Made in India, handprinted with wooden blocks. Blue, grey and white colors with beautiful traditional Indian flower patterns. Very nice Indian decoration for the table.
Can also be used as a single bedsheet.



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What is blockprint, an Indian fabric printing technique?

The Indian Blockprint technique is a traditional method of fabric printing that dates back centuries. It is mainly used to create patterns and designs on fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen.

Blockprint printing consists of the use of hand-carved wooden blocks. Each block is carefully cut to represent a specific part of the design. Once the blocks are prepared, they are dipped in ink or dye and then applied to the fabric by hand. Artisans gently tap the block onto the fabric to transfer the design. This process is repeated as many times as necessary to create the complete pattern.

This artisanal technique is used in different parts of India, especially in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab. Each region has its own distinct style and patterns, resulting in a variety of unique designs. This mode of printing has been practiced in India for centuries, and the products it is used on are numerous. Garments, such as sarees, kurtas (tunics) and scarves, are often decorated with this technique. You can also find cushion coverstablecloths and bed linen or even bags, accessories, stationery, etc.

Woodblock printing is a treasured cultural heritage of India that continues to be appreciated around the world for its beauty and handcraftedness. It bears witness to the richness of the Indian tradition and the creativity of the craftsmen who have perpetuated this technique for generations.

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Sanganer, India
in France

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