Indian cotton vaner wall Toran patchwork yellow
  • Indian cotton vaner wall Toran patchwork yellow
  • Indian cotton vaner wall Toran

Indian cotton vaner wall Toran patchwork yellow

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Door or wall decoration, with very nice embroidery patchwork on cotton fabric. Called Toran in India, to welcome people and decorate the house with an Indian style. Yellow colors, 7 bangs Toran.

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What is the Indian patchwork technique?

The Indian technique of patchwork is a form of textile craftsmanship that consists of joining together pieces of fabric to create decorative patterns. This practice is prevalent in different parts of India and has a long history dating back centuries.

Quilting is widely used to create a variety of products, such as blankets, wall hangings, cushions, or clothing. Indian artisans use colorful and diverse fabrics, often salvaged from old clothes or worn saris, to create unique designs.

Each region of India has its own traditions and styles of quilting. For example, Gujarat's applique patchwork, called "Ralli", is famous for its vibrant geometric patterns and elaborate embroidery. Rajasthani artisans are known for their use of mirrors and beads in their patchwork creations.

Today, the Indian patchwork is also very popular outside the borders of India for its artisanal beauty and its cultural heritage, offering unique and well-colored decorative pieces.

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