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Chat Masala spice mix

Chat Masala spice mix to prepare the Indian dish Chaat quickly and effortlessly.
Sold in packs of  100g

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Masala means spice in Hindi and Chaat means snacks. This spice mix is usually composed by mango powder, cumin, black salt, coriander, dried ginger, black pepper, hing and chilli powder.


How to use Chaat masala

This spice mixture is ready made. Of course it is used to cook delicious Chaat, but also to enhance the taste of Indian salads, for seasoning papads (Indian pancakes) and raita (Indian yoghurt with vegetables) in which it is used at the end of preparation and not cooked.


Why use Chaat masala

Besides the benefits of the different spices, this "magic Indian powder" is used to flavor dishes, quickly and effortlessly. It is very convenient and it's a masala which doesn't need to be cooked.

  • Composition Salt, dried mango, black salt, cumin, cantaloupe, black pepper, pomegranate seeds, coriander, mint leaves, dried ginger, nutmeg, pepper, caraway, angelica small, cloves, asafoetida
  • Weight 120g
  • From Produce of India