Red lentils Indian Masoor Dal 1kg
  • Red lentils Indian Masoor Dal 1kg

Red lentils Indian Masoor Dal 1kg

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Masoor daal, or red lentils, Indian lentils which are essential in a vegetarian diet, very often used in Indian cooking.
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Masoor dal, Indian lentils, also known as red lentils, is a variety of lentils of the legume family. They come from an annual plant cultivated for its black seeds. They are orange when peeled. They are absolutely essential in the Indian diet.


How to use Masoor dal

Red lentils are the most quickly cooked variety of lentils, so it is not necessary to soak them first. Unlike Chana dal and Moong dal, they do not keep their shape after cooking. In fact, after cooking, Masoor dal becomes more liquid and yellow. They are used in Indian recipes such as Tadka dal and Dal fry.


Why use Masoor dal

Red lentils are rich in protein, essential in a vegetarian diet. They are also rich in iron and fiber and more.

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