Indian lentils Urad Dal washed 1kg
  • Indian lentils Urad Dal washed 1kg

Indian lentils Urad Dal washed 1kg

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Urad dal, a kind of broken and flattened Indian lentils, white and very small. Widely used in India, they are used in dishes like Idli or Dosas.
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In India, Urid or Urad is the name for the whole black bean (whole Urad beans). When shelled, it is pale in color and takes the name Urad dal (or Urid dal). These "Indian lentils" are part of the composition of many recipes, especially in South India for the making of the famous Dosa or no less famous Idli.

How to use the Urad dal

Peeled urad dal lentils are usually marked before use in Indian dishes; they are also often mixed, for example with rice to obtain a basic paste. They can also be cooked, like other Indian lentils, to prepare a Dal (iconic Indian dish).

Why use the Urad dal

Urads are very important for the Indian population, and especially for many vegetarians, as they are high in protein.

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