Hing powder Asafetida
  • Hing powder Asafetida

Hing powder Asafetida 50g

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The asafoetida powder, Hing in India, is a spice that flavors Indian dishes.
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Asafoetida, rice flour, wheat, gum arabic, turmeric
in France

The asafoetida or asafetida is a resin extracted from the dried rhizome of a kind of fennel. This plant grows mainly in India. Indian cuisine uses a lot of asafetida powder called Hing in India.


How to use asafetida

The asafoetida, when it is fresh, is solid, white. To use it as a spice, it is powdered. It has a very strong smell and should be used sparingly. Its strong and unpleasant smell, once it is cooked, greatly flavor the dishes. It is used fried, usually at the beginning of cooking, just after, depending on what you use, cumin seeds or mustard or coriander or fenugreek, because this process reduces smell.


Why use asafoetida

Asafoetida greatly helps digestion and is also a good anti-flatulence.

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