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Sesame seeds White 100g

White sesame seeds, known in India and used in Indian desserts and pastries.
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CautionMay contains traces of celery, gluten, mustard
ConservationStore in a cool dry place
Stockin France

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Sesame is a flowering plant that grows wild, in small quantities, in India and which has been domesticated a long time ago. It is mainly grown in India, where it is called Til (Hindi), for its seeds that are inside a pod.
In India, sesame is used extensively as an oil, which has long been preferred to the peanut oil, but its seeds are also used whole in Indian cooking. They come in several colors, from white sesame to black sesame.


How to use white sesame seeds

We use white sesame seeds in Indian recipes such as Ladoo, Til burfi (Indian dessert made with milk or coconut), Til Papdi (sweet cake very thin) but also in sauce for the salad.


Why use white sesame seeds

White sesame seeds are especially rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamins B1 and E.


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