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Stock mixed spices Organic Indian spices 50g

Indian spices mix for vegetable stock, mix of organic and Ayurvedic spices for vegan soups.
Sold in pot of 60g



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Cautionorganic, vegan
CompositionRock salt, carrots, leek, yellow melilot, onion, parsley leaves, chives, broccoli, sweet clover, cornflower leaves, lovage leaves, dandelion leaves, fennel, paprika, honey bush, laurel leaves, tarragon
ConservationStore in a cool dry place
Stockin France

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A quick and easy way to prepare a vegan soup with the scent of a summer meadow. No fat is used in this mixture, which makes it suitable for different diets. The slightly spicy mixture also gives Ayurvedic dishes an aromatic touch.

Ayurvedic Indian spices Amla

The spices made by Amla can be used in Ayurvedic cooking. they are known and appreciated for their positive effects. The quality of Amla Ayurvedic spices is ensured by careful selection and processing.


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