Mortar and pestle marble Imam Dasta Ø12.5 View larger

Mortar and pestle marble Imam Dasta Ø12.5

King size! To prepare your Indian spices powder, mortar and pestle called Imam Dasta in India. Very nice object of white marble, solid and elegant


48,00 € tax incl.


OriginMakrana, India

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The mortar is a kind of bowl to grind, crush and mix ingredients into powders or pastes through the action of a pestle. Mortar and pestle are made of a material sufficiently strong as stainless steel, granite, marble or wood for example. The material must also be smooth and nonporous.


The mortar and pestle in Indian cooking

In India mortar and pestle are called Imam Dasta. They are very often used in cooking to mix spices or foods. In Indian cuisine, its use is essential to prepare powdered spices that will achieve great recipes such as curries. Marble and stainless steel are preferred materials for making mortars and pestles.

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