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Paraat Indian cooking utensil for Chapati Ø40

Traditional Indian utensil to prepare the dough. Called Paraat in India (Hindi). This is the kitchen utensil that is used to mix flour and water, its a large size to isolate the dough and loaves of bread


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The Chapati is a traditional Indian bread. It is a basic food in Indian cuisine. It is also known as Rotli, Roti or Fulk. Traditionally, we use wheat flour to prepare Chapatis but according to the seasons, they can also be made from millet or corn.

It is a flat, round bread, in which recipie we do not use yeast. The balls of dough are spread out like pancakes with a roller and a board called Chakla Belan. They are cooked on a plate or a sort of stove called Tawa in India (Hindi). We also use another utensil, a holder called Chimta to turn it at the end of its baking: the Chapati is put directly over the flame to make it swell.


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