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  • Nigella or Kalonji Wholesale

Indian nigella or Kalonji Wholesale 1KG

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Black cumin, nigella or Kalonji, also known as onion seeds, used as a spice in Indian cooking.
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Nigella, called Kalonji in India (Hindi), is a herbaceous annually plant. The variety which is cultivated has fruits which contains edible seeds is called Nigella sativa. These are the black seeds, also called black cumin or onion seeds, and are used as a spice in Indian cooking.


How to use nigella

Nigella seeds are roasted and used to give flavor to Indian curries, vegetables and legumes. The flavor they add is like a combination of onions, black pepper and oregano and a bitterness like the one of mustard seed. They are also added in the preparation of pickles and sometimes in the dough of nans, Indian breads.


Why use nigella

Nigella contains proteins, fiber, amino acids, calcium, iron and more. In India, Kalonji is used for digestive problems, flatulence and as a repellent.

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