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Indian ajwain seeds whole spices 1KG

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Ajwain or ajowan, an Indian spice used for its culinary and medicinal virtues.
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Store in a cool dry place
in France
Emballé dans une usine qui traite d'autres graines et soja
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non-perishable (Best Before End)

Ajwain comes from the south-east and central India and is especially popular with vegetarians.

The ajwain seeds are very smelly. Its smell is reminiscent of thyme. The shape looks like cumin seeds but they are smaller. They are brown or gray and his plant is an annual plant.


How to use ajwain

Indian people use it as much for its culinary and medicinal virtues. Ajwain is often used for making salty cakes. It is much used in Indian recipes because it also enters in the composition of parathas, puris and namkeens but also in the dough of the samosas, which prevents including swelling of the dough.


Why use ajwain

It is a spice that helps digestion and prevents stomach problems, digestive problems and diarrhea. In India it is also used in toothpaste composition.

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