Indian butter Ghee 500g
  • Indian butter Ghee 500g
  • Ghee Indian butter

Indian butter Ghee 500g

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Indian clarified butter Ghee is essential in Indian cooking.
Sold in packs of 500g



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Data sheet

Milk fat 99.8%, flavouring ethyl butyrate inf. 0,01%
Store in a cool dry place
in France

Ghee is an Indian clarified butter which contains only fat. It can be heated to high temperature without releasing burnt taste. In India, it is an ingredient used in the kitchen as well as in the sacred space of the house. It is considered one ingredient of the gods, used for offerings and is the main fuel of Diya and Deepak, small lamps.


How to use Ghee

It is a very important element in Indian cooking: the Ghee can be used as an ingredient or for frying. It is also used for basting chapati or naan, Indian breads. It is much used for sweet dishes and pastries in India: it is used to prepare Halwa, Ladoo or the Mayssor pak. But also in savory dishes such as curry, to prepare the Tadka Dal or Dal palak, two Indian recipes made with lentils. It is also often served with rice.


Why use Ghee

Ghee will keep long without being put in the fridge. As it has a high smoke point, it is very suitable for frying. It is also very common to use it for massage of the scalp. It soothes minor burns.

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