Metal incense sticks or cones holder lotus
  • Metal incense sticks or cones holder lotus

Metal incense sticks or cones holder lotus

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Incense holder with lotus deisgn, in metal, for incense cones as well as sticks. Called Agarbatti in India, incense sticks are attached to an incense stick holder as they burn.



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What are the 8 buddhist lucky symbols?

The Vase is the symbol of the richness of Buddhist doctrine or Dharma, longevity and prosperity.
The Lotus is the symbol of transformation on the spiritual path.
The Banner is the symbol of complete victory over our negative forces.
The Parasol is the symbol of the protection of Dharma.
The Wheel of Dharma is the symbol of the dissemination of the teachings of the Buddha.
The fish is the symbol that people who practice Dharma can go with the flow through proper vision and action.
The Infinity Knot is the symbol of the interdependence of all phenomena, an aspect of Buddha's wisdom.
The Conch is the symbol of the healing sound of Dharma, which dispels suffering.

The incense give a fragrant smoke when burned. They are composed of aromatic materials, wood, essential oils. In India, incense is called Agarbatti (Hindi). There are two kinds of incense in India: Masala incense and Charcol incense. Masala incenses are made of dry ingredients while in the Charcol incense there are liquid perfumes or essential oils.

Nowadays the Indian incense is used for several other reasons as to create an atmosphere of relaxation or simply to scent the air. We use incense holders made of different materials like copper incense holder, paper mache incense holder, wooden incense holder, Lac incense holder, etc..

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