Black salt Kala namak
  • Black salt Kala namak
  • Black salt Kala namak

Black salt Kala namak 100g

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Black Salt, Kala Namak in India, a hot and salty condiment used as a spice.
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Indian black salt, called Kala Namak in India (Hindi), is a condiment with a salty and pungent taste and with the smell of sulfur, used as a spice. It is composed of sodium chloride containing impurities, which give it the color pink. It is from a mineral called halite or rock salt.

How to use the Black Salt

In Indian cooking, black salt is used extensively, especially to add taste and flavor in recipes like Chaat, Raita and Chutneys for example.

Why use black salt

Black salt is a good aid for digestion and relieve heartburn and intestinal gas. It is useful for vegans who use it sometimes to give a taste of eggs in dishes prepared with tofu.

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Store in a cool dry place
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