Cardamom seeds Green spice 50g
  • Cardamom seeds Green spice 50g
  • Cardamom seeds Green
  • Cardamom seeds Green

Cardamom seeds Green spice 50g

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Called Elaichi in India, green cardamom seed is the queen of Indian spices.
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Store in a cool dry place
in France
May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, gluten, milk, celery, soy, mustard
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non-perishable (Best Before End)

Even if its name as an Indian origin, it is called Elaichi in India. Cardamom seeds is the queen of spices. It is also the most expensive spice, right after vanilla and saffron

It is native to southern India where it is used for several millennia and it is a spice widely used today in the world

There are several kinds of cardamom, but the most commonly used in Indian cooking is the green cardamom. Brown cardamom is much larger than the green and is also used in Indian dishes. White cardamom is a green cardamom that has been discolored. There is also a kind of yellow cardamom called Tanzania cardamom.


How to use cardamom 

In Indian recipes cardamom is important in salty dishes as well as in sweet dishes and drinks. It can be used in curry powder, garam masala and rice coocked, in Indian sweets like halwa, burfi or Khir. It is used in drinks like lassi, charbat or black tea (chai).

It is also used in the composition of Pan, a preparation containing betel leaves, areca nut and rose jam. 


Why use cardamom 

In India we appreciate his help in digestion, sore throats and lung congestion. As the seeds give off a strong but pleasant odor when crushed, they are also used to have good breath smell.

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