Eau de Rose bouteille 190ml
  • Eau de Rose bouteille 190ml
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Rose water bottle 190ml

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Rose water, Gulab jal, a colorful and fragrant ingredient for Indian cooking.
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Rose water or rose syrup, known in India as Gulab jal (Hindi), is a water of distillation or hydrosol from the essence of rose petals. It is much used in India to flavor dishes.


How to use rose water

In Indian cooking, rose water is used in recipes such as Gulab jamun, an Indian sweets or to flavor milk, rice milk or the famous lassi, a sort of Indian yogurt drink.


Why use rose water

In addition to its delicious fragrance and taste in Indian dishes, in India, rose water is used to clean the eyes but also as a cosmetic application to smooth and tone the facial skin.

Data sheet

Watter and rose extract
Store in a cool dry place
in France

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