Indian lentils Chana Dal
  • Indian lentils Chana Dal
  • Indian lentils Chana Dal

Indian lentils Chana Dal 500g

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Chana dal, Indian lentils, Dal means lentils and Chana means chickpeas.
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Store in a cool dry place
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Dal is the name given to dishes of legumes, but it is also used to refer to legumes. In India (Desi) Chana is used to refer to black chickpeas, a kind of chickpea smaller, younger and sweeter, while Chana dal means the one peeled and smashed. The grains are then yellow, and should not be confused with Moong dal that have smaller and oval grains.
The Chana dal is used extensively in the cuisine of Bengal, where it is called Cholaar dal, and where it is used as lentils.

How to use Chana dal

As we need a long time to cook dal, always soak it before cooking. Chana dal is very good cooked with vegetables like zucchini. They can also be cook mixed with red lentils (Masoor dal), often used in the Indian recipe Dal fry. We can finally crush them to a paste, to prepare Pakoras (kinds of falafel) or crispy Onions bhaji.

Why use Chana dal

Chana dal is rich in protein and fiber. This chickpea has almost no effect on blood sugar.

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