Clove seeds Indian spice 250g
  • Clove seeds Indian spice 250g
  • Whole cloves
  • Whole cloves

Clove seeds Indian spice 250g

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Cloves, medicinal and aromatic spice, essential in Indian cooking.
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Clove is mentioned in the Indian Ramayana written around 200 BC! Clove is a spice that is essential in Indian cooking not only to flavor a dish but also for its medicinal qualities.


How to use cloves

In Indian recipes cloves is sometimes used in powder form as in the garam masala or curry. It is used in dishes such as Pav bhaji, Zucchini Kofta, Chole tikki and in the Indian cakes. And sometimes it is used in whole form, directly into hot oil in dishes such as Indian Pulao, onion Paneer, Aloo masala, or in the cooking water as in the Rajma, to cook beans or in the water for cooking rice. We can also put it in the preparation of chai, Indian black tea with milk and spices. In winter, it's very good for the throat.


Why use cloves

Its buttons have antiseptic and anesthetic properties. It can be put in the mouth to relieve coughs or sore teeth. It can also be used to get a better breath smell.

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