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Mustard Black seeds Wholesale

Black mustard seeds, an historic and essential spice in Indian cooking.
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Mustard is an annual plant grown for its small round black seeds. In India, we call the plant Sarso and the seed is called Rai (Hindi). It is a very important spice. It is mentioned by the Buddha in the history of the grieving mother and the mustard seed.


How to use black mustard seeds

In Indian cuisine, black mustard seeds are used in the preparation of curries. They are roasted in oil or heated in ghee (Indian butter) to flavor, with a nutty smelling. It is also used for preparing Indian pickles, pieces of fruit or vegetables marinated with spices in oil.
In addition to seeds, leaf and oil are also used. Mustard leaves are used in recipes such as Sag, a mixture of green vegetables.


Why use black mustard seeds

Black mustard seeds have a preservative effect, that's why they are used in maceration. They also help to soften the acidity of the dishes. They are rich in mucilage, a vegetable laxative properties, and unsaturated fats. Mustard used to be used as an antiseptic in the past time.

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