Tamarind paste
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Tamarind paste 400g

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To make the famous Indian sauce or chutney, the tamarind paste is ideal.
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Called imli in India (Hindi), the fruit of tamarind is a brown pod that looks like a large bean, containing pulp and seeds. It is a tropical fruit, now used for its flavor in cuisines of the whole world. It is found in the form of juice, pulp or concentrate and its acidulous flavor, which reminds the one of the lemon, is popular in Indian cooking. There, it is used as a spice

How to use tamarind 

Tamarind is used to prepare various masalas or curry, and, associated with palm sugar, a delicious chutney to accompany the samosas, pakoras, bhajis, etc.. It also comes in the famous recipe sambhar, a typical dish of southern India. 


Why use tamarind

It facilitates the transit through its laxative properties and is rich in calcium.

Data sheet

Tamarind, water
Store in a cool dry place
in France
Contains hard seeds

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