Handcrafted Indian oil lamp Deepak betel design

Betel leaf design Indian oil lamp, called Deepak in India (Hindi). Receptacle for oil or ghee, nicely decorated and finely chiseled. Widely used in India for Diwali or Deepavali. Heavy and stable.


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In India these oil lamps are called Deepak or Diya or Deepam. The Deepak are often round, they may have one or more nozzles to install the wick. It can be made of clay or metal such as brass, copper, etc.. They are sometimes finely decorated or engraved.


The Dipak in India

The deepaks which are used daily in the temples or at home are those of copper and those used for special occasions, for Dipawali for example, are those made of clay.

To run them, we can use sunflower or peanut or mustard oil, for example, or ghee. We can make a cotton wick by rolling and stretching a small piece of cotton between the palms. It is then necessary to soak the wick in the oil so it absorbs, before lighting the Deepak lamp.



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