Nigella or blackseed Indian Hair Oil 200ml
  • Nigella or blackseed Indian Hair Oil 200ml
  • Nigella or blackseed Indian Hair Oil

Nigella or blackseed Indian Hair Oil 200ml

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Oil for hair. Indian hair care, enriched and multivitamin nigella (blackseed) hair oil, multivitamin hair oil. Hair nourrishing and strenghtening.
Sold in 200ml bottle



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Black seed oil is renowned for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it penetrates deep into the hair fiber, strengthening the hair from root to tip. It helps restore and revitalize dry and damaged hair, restoring softness, shine and elasticity.

In addition to nourishing, black seed oil has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for sensitive scalps prone to irritation. It helps reduce itching, redness and dandruff, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.

Its powerful antioxidant action also protects hair against external aggressions, such as pollution and UV rays, thus preventing damage and premature graying of hair. Used regularly, it helps to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and stimulate its natural growth.

Versatile, black seed oil can be used as a mask before shampoo for intensive care, as a styling oil to tame frizz and add shine, or as a daily care product to nourish and protect the ends.

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